Cards Win In Philly

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It was a busy day in Cardinal Nation as will be the case most every weekend now that basketball and football are at the point to where they co-exist. I spent the first part of the day watching the Louisville football team play Temple on TV and then had to finish listening to Paul Rodgers on my way to the basketball scrimmage. The football team had a very workman like performance today as they move to 5-0 on the season. They went to Philly and handled their business. Things weren’t perfect but that will just provide Coach Strong with some things he can use to maintain his teams focus.

Teddy Bridgewater sure did do his thing again on Saturday. At one point he was 7 for 7 on a drive and had completed a pass to seven different receivers. Some of the throws he completes look effortless and he makes it look like it is so easy. He throws the ball with so much touch and finesse. He is a special player and it will be tragic if he’s not considered in the Heisman conversation at the end of the season due to the soft schedule. The Cardinals three headed monster of Dominique Brown, Senorise Perry and Michael Dyer looked very good today as they rushed for over 150 yards. With his performance today Senorise has now become a 1000 yard rusher for his Cardinal Career. Between this group and the receivers the Cardinals rack up over 500 yards of total offense against a Temple defense that wasn’t a pushover. Those guys were making contact and came out hitting the Cards in the mouth.

This Temple team isn’t as bad as they are made out to be. I think they are a few skill players and an offensive line away from being very competitive. Of course they won’t get the credit they deserve for playing well on the defensive end of the ball and the talking heads will just say that it was another win over a lesser opponent.

It was disappointing that the Cardinals let them score on a late drive as a second consecutive shut out would have been nice. I don’t know how the polls will play out this week but at this point I know that I just want to be able to maintain a top ten ranking without being jumped weekly. We got Rutgers coming up on Thursday night and that will be a chance for the Cardinals to get their first quality win of the season. I’ll have the Breakdown of that one on Monday or Tuesday.

Cards Offense Shines At First Red & White Scrimmage

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The 2013-14 Cardinal Basketball season is officially under way and it all got started at the first Red & White Scrimmage today. For the first time in a long time I walked away from this first scrimmage thinking to myself that this team has a lot of offensive weapons. For the last few seasons we have had teams that have struggled at times to get baskets. If the performance today is any indication of the season ahead then I don’t see offensive production being a problem for this group of Cards. Granted the defense wasn’t the best it could be and some of the shots were uncontested. But from a fundamental standpoint you could just tell that these guys are scorers. I think it’s a statement with all of this great offense today while the best scorer on the team was sitting on the bench in street clothes. To say I’m excited after seeing this group for the first time is an understatement, and I think they are going to mold into a great team over the next six months.

The Veterans:

Russ Smith has become a more mature and responsible player on the court and it’s obvious after seeing him in action for the first time today that he understands what his role on this team should be and what he needs to do to get to the next level. Coach Pitino said in his post-game comments that if Russ plays like he did today and continues to make good decisions that the sky is the limit for him. He was the second leading scorer of the scrimmage with 24 points but more importantly had 5 rebounds and 8 assist. I’m so happy that I get to watch this kid play again for another year in the red and black. He’s going to be special this season.

Chane Behanan has been known for his lethargic starts to new seasons and for his lack of preparation in the summer. In the locker room today he admitted that in previous years he hadn’t got the message from coach Pitino and that he hadn’t done what he needed to do in the summer to prepare for the upcoming season. But Chane said that he finally got that message this summer and had been in the gym working out and working on his shot. Today that preparation showed on the court and he was the leading scorer of the scrimmage with 25 points. He was also cleaning the backboard and grabbed a game high 13 rebounds. When was the last time you seen Chane have an effort like this in a game of non-importance. With this type of head start from a physical and fundamental standpoint Chane Behanan will be a first round draft pick in the NBA Draft next year. Remember you heard it here first. It’s going to be fun watching him be all he can be from beginning to end this year.

Wayne Blackshear is one of the most anticipated players to ever lace em up in a Cardinal uniform. I still remember the roar when he stepped on the floor for the first time. But since that first time seeing action Cardinal nation has been waiting on Wayne to live up to his hype. Well,.. Wait no more Cardinal fans because Wayne Blackshear has arrived. This was the first summer he actually got to go through all of his workouts without being held back by injuries and it shows. Coach Pitino said in his post-game that when Wayne improves his ball handling he will be the player he was in high school. (The Chicago Player of the Year) Wayne was one of the most active players on the court today and you could see a dramatic improvement in his confidence. He is about to have a breakout season folks and it couldn’t be at a better time. He had 20 points, 9 rebounds with 4 assist and was all over the place.

Montrezl Harrell was a big reason the Cardinals won their third championship last season. He is one of the most inspired basketball players you will see on a basketball court. The guy plays hard on both ends of the floor and makes the players around him better. He’s got all the gifts of a high level hoopster at 6’8 with a 7 foot wing span but most importantly he has heart, drive and determination. Enjoy him this season Cardinal fans because NBA scouts will be foaming at the mouth every time they see him play. He is a very special player and person. I’m thankful he is a Cardinal. If this team plays their final game in Dallas this season it will be in large part to Montrezl. He went down with a cramp today and you could hear a pin drop in the Yum Center. Then you could hear everyone exhale in unison when he got up. Coach Pitino grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd “I wasn’t worried”. This is a very deep team but the one guy that this team couldn’t afford to lose is Harrell. He had 23 points with 10 rebounds and loved every minute of it.

Stephan Van Treese has always been a guy that utilizes his skills to the max and is going to give it all he has when he gets his minutes. Rick Pitino said earlier this week that Stephan would be the starter if the season started now. I don’t see that happening with the players around but I do see him being a guy who provides steady production throughout the season. He’s always going to give the team a 100% when he’s on the court and that is why he’s so important. He’s a work horse and a great example of that is his stat line for this scrimmage. He didn’t have any points but did have 9 rebounds and a steal. He isn’t the most important player on this team but is the type of player every coach wants on their team.

Tim Henderson was one of the most valuable players in the Final Four last season. I have said before that if my son were old enough to attend the games with me that I would point to Tim as an example of a hard worker on the court. He quietly does his job and works on his game. He has accepted his role and will always be ready when his number is called upon. I love this kid. Today Tim quietly had 10 points, 5 rebounds and 3 steals.

The New Cardinals:

Chris Jones was the number one Juco player in the nation last year and is known for his ability to run an offense. He has great handles and a soft shooting touch. He will be a great point man for this team. He plays his game under control and has good court awareness. I think it will take him some time to adjust to the speed of the game at this level but once that happens he will be the real deal. He had 21 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assist and played under control. This guy will also be great on defense when he learns Coach Pitino’s system.

Anton Gill is a player that I had pegged as a guy that would be brought along slowly. I didn’t expect him to see much court time this season. I could be very…. very… wrong. This kid turned more than a few heads today with his offensive prowess. This kid is a pure shooter and has an eye for the basket. He has a very fundamentally sound shot and great shot selection. If today is any indication of what is to come there’s no way he doesn’t make it into the rotation. He was 5-10 from long range and had 17 points in his impressive debut.

Terry Rozier wasn’t going to surprise me today. As a matter of fact I have been singing this kids praises all summer and have said all along that he was just as good as any player in the 2013 class. This kid is the real deal and if you weren’t there to see it today then you will see it soon. He has a Dwayne Wade look about him on the court and is big time basketball ready. This kid is a well-rounded basketball player in all aspects of the game. He was the second leading re-bounder today with 11 and Coach Pitino said after the game that he had never seen a guy rebound like Rozier does from the guard spot. And went on to say that was his biggest attribute. He was 3 assist away from having a triple-double in his Cardinal debut with 18 points and 7 assist. Terry Rozier made me look like I know what I’m talking about today. I can’t wait to see him flourish under the Rick Pitino system.

Mangok Mathiang was touted by Coach Pitino as one of the quickest guys on the team. And he does get up and down the floor very effectively. With the loss of Gorgui this team was in desperate need of someone to step up and provide the interior defense needed for the guys up front in the Pitino defense to take chances. “The Mango” just might be our huckleberry… Not only did he lead the game with 6 rebounds he was the only player to record a blocked shot on the roster. He is very athletic for his size and has great timing on defense. I think he will fill the void in the middle this season especially once he learns the system better. And he isn’t that far behind because even though he couldn’t play last he was around and did go through practices. He also had 8 points with 10 rebounds today. I’m very excited about the potential of “The Mango”.

Akoy Agau is a guy who came to campus in need of some Pitino magic. He has already cut his weight significantly but is still a long way from being in D1 basketball shape. At times today he was gasping for air as he lumbered up and down the floor. He was visibly the most out of shape guy on the team. But I do like this kid and like the qualities he has to offer not only on the court but off. He’s a great person and you need great people on a team. I do think he will be a solid contributor but not this season.

David Levitch has the best 3 point percentage in North Oldham’s history. He is a kid that grew up watching the Cardinals and has come to games since he was an infant. This kid is honored to play for the team he grew up admiring. I see him as a potential candidate to take over the “Hendo” role someday. I see some big shots in this kid’s future.

It was a great day in the KFC Yum Center and you can feel that Cardinal Nation is ready for some hoops. There wasn’t much defense played today but that is to be expected in the early season. I know that with the athleticism, speed and skill that I saw on the court today that this team will live up to the great defensive legacy left behind by the past two teams. It’s just going to take some time and they won’t really be able to start that process until the first exhibitions. It’s going to be another exciting year Cardinal Fans. Please be sure to follow my website on the journey and I will try to keep you as informed and entertained as I can. GO CARDS!


The Defending Champs Take The Floor For The First Time

Coach Pitino Press After Red & White Scrimmage

Russ Smith after 1st Red & White Scrimmage

Wayne Blackshear after 1st Red & White Scrimmage

Luke Hancock after 1st Red & White Scrimmage

Chane Behanan after first Red & White Scrimmage

Montrezl Harrell after 1st Red & White Scrimmage

David Levitch after the 1st Red & White Scrimmage